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Thursday, August 24, 2006


I would like to sincerely apology for the lack of travel journal entries, as my 2005 trip to Cambodia was so compact and I had hoped to write an entry "every" day. However I was only able to maintain this for the first week, and after that I got lazy, tired and exhausted from travelling so much. I did write up 2 weeks worth but never managed to type them all up.

Instead for my next trip (October 2006) I plan to do something similar, write up a blog about my travels in southeast asia for 4 months, however I will not write up an entry everyday, instead I will write about my "main" trips and destinations, so in otherwords there should be an entry every few days.

My new blog/website is at

My travels begin on the 16th of October (right after my graduation) and I will return to Australia on the 4th of February.

My planned itinerary consists of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar. If I do have the time and resources I will make my way down south to Malaysia and Singapore, but the chances are very slim, since there is so much to do and see in the countries I have listed above.

Friday, November 25, 2005


As the final day of rememberance arrived, we all got ready to head over to one of my dad's cousins house. Upon arrival, all my grandparents, great uncles and aunties were quietly chatting amongst themselves, whilst my aunties and second aunties were all cooking away, in order to provide offerings for our ancestors.

Once the food was all prepared, we all gathered in the living room and quietly listened to one of the elders pray, and give thanks. One by one, we all lit incense and placed them respectively in the little cups.

One of my great aunts then started naming all our immediate ancestors, including great uncles, great aunties, great grandfathers and mothers, and great great grand fathers and mothers, however since there were so many to name, she just generalized and named "chinese ancestors (chinese grandfather)."

All of a sudden out of no where, my aunty who is an extremely quiet person sat up and whacked the person next to her twice across the head, and pointed at my great grandmother and shouted "your an ingrateful grandchild, you can't even name your grandfather," and my great aunt's reaction was just like my reaction. We sat there paralized until we realised what was going on, and my great aunt then replied "but I did mention you, chinese ancestors". My possessed aunty continued to shout and point and then calmed down and apologized to the person she had hit and said "sorry I hit you, you aren't even related".

As quickly as my great grandfather came, he left my aunties body and my aunty leaped up from the ground and layed unconscious for a few minutes.

While all this happened, I was absolutely clueless and had no idea what was going on. One of my other great aunts told me off for not taking any photo's or videoing the situation, but at the time I had no idea what to do because I didn't want to be disrespectful.

I know it may be hard to believe, as I still don't know what or how to explain what and how it happened. But apparently possessions occur quiet often amongst my immediate relatives. My great great grandfather is Chinese, and whenever he possesses my grandmother (who doesn't speak a word of Chinese), my grandmother sits there speaking broken Khmer mixed with Chinese, whilst stroking her imaginary long beard (like old chinese men). Too many stories to write up, but I still find it extremely strange and bizarre as I don't really know what to believe.


Thursday, November 24, 2005


The sound of distorted music and chants in arabic, echoed across the quiet village at sunrise, from the nearby Cham Mosque. I actually didn't mind the early wake up call, as it gave me the opportunity to catch up on writing my journal entry for the previous day. Also to get some sunrise photo's in front of my grandparents house.

At 9:00am, Vichheka and myself headed towards Wat Thmei, located about 5-10 minutes out of town. My Great Aunt and Uncle organised a bonn (celebration) event to remember relatives who have passed away, specifically my great grandparents. The remains of my great grandma are housed in a stupa or chedi around the back of the temple grounds.

Luckily we chose to leave home at 9:00 otherwise we would of had to wait an extra hour for everyone to arrive. While waiting till about 10:00am till everyone arrived, I walked around the temple compound and admired the main temple structure as it has recently been renovated and repainted. On my previous trip this same temple lacked any colour or character.

Once everyone arrived and settled down, 4 monks walked towards our great grandparents stupa and sat down and started chanting prayers and blessings. Whilst the monks were praying and chanting, everyone started providing offerings of food, drinks and money to the monks to thank them for the time and wisdom.

As the bonn drew to an end, we left for lunch at Yeay Chun-Lee's house, which was a massive beautiful villa. Vichheka and myself quickly ate and left as we were the only young people there and felt out of place.

Tomorrow will finalize the offering and rememberance bonn, which will be held at my dad's cousins house near the markets. As we left Yeay Chun-Lee's house, I quickly took another browse of Psar Kampong Cham and bought myself a few tops and formal black trousers. All up costing me $26US, I managed to bargain it down from $40, so it wasn't a bad effort.

For the rest of the day, I took it easy as it was getting a little bit warm. Will be able to go where I initially planned to go in the next few days, as soon as I get these bonn's out of the way.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Early in the morning my cousin Vichheka whizzed me through Kampong Cham, over the Japanese bridge (Speak Kizuna) towards the newly renovated French Watch Tower (Pom Tonlebet). Back in its day during French occupation of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos (also known as French Indochina), these watch towers were used to keep an eye on invaders. The reason for the mention in this entry is because the tower has just been recently renovated and repainted earlier this year, where as on my previous trips it was in a state of decay.

As I headed back across the bridge, I decided to pop into the local market (Psar Kampong Cham). As per usual Psar Kampong Cham and almost every other psar in Cambodia are cluttered. Whilst walking pass each of the stalls, every stall owner desperately seek out to make a sale.

After about half an hour of browsing, we returned to our grandparents home is Poum Aka. Along the way we popped into Wat Dei Dos, which housed 2 newly constructed buddha statues within the temple gardens. Within this temple compound, housed many chedi's (burial sites), one of them being my grandparents which was constructed a while ago. Some of the chedi's have seen better days, as many were destroyed in one way or another during the Khmer Rouge. After taking a few photo's we quickly jetted back to my grandparents home through the cluttered streets which were full of mini outdoor stalls selling groceries, fish and poultry.

We didnt get to rest for long, as we arrived at our grandparents home, my other cousin Bun Chhoeun arrived with his wife, and we quickly set off again to visit the 10th Century ruin of Phnom Bachey (also known as Wat Nokor), this ruin complex has an incredible atmosphere as there is a beautiful contrast between old and new. A modern temple has been constructed within the central shrine which has incredible painted bas reliefs all over the poles and roof. I've already visited this prasat in my previous trip, but decided to pay a visit because its worth the effort. We didn't stay for long as my cousin wanted to take me to the newly constructed memorial site at the base of Phnom Pros.

During the Khmer Rouge, Phnom Pros vicinity was turned into a mass grave, and till this day you can see remnants of clothing scattered across the field. The newly constructed garden, house many decently oversized buddha statues, painted in gold. At the top of Phnom Pros were a group of small monkeys sat there eagerly to accept banana's, however we decided to give this a miss as my dad on his previous trip was bitten by one of the scoundrels.

Even though I have visited these sites numerous times, I will have to revisit them once more to both record a GPS reading of the sites and also to take some family group photo's. Anyhoo it's getting late and I havent had dinner yet, so Ciao for now.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Had an early night last night, slept at 7pm surprise, surprise (approx 10pm Ozzie time), and surprisingle had a decent 12 hour nap. Woke up nice and refreshed but had to wait for my cousin and aunty to travel from the countryside to pick me up from Phnom Penh.

Through the hectic traffic of Phnom Penh City, the motodop driver weaved us through to Psar Thmei from Boeung Kok I, Toul Kok. Upon our arrival, my aunty tried to bargain her way into hiring a "kong-bei" otherwise known as a three wheeler, to take me 11km out of the city to visit my grandmother. At first the driver hesitated saying that the drive was too far, and that it wasn't worth the trip, but after continual hecalling and bargaining, the driver finally gave in.

As we weaved through the city to my grandmothers place, I saw that the city had changed in the sense that there were less beggers (surprise surprise), and that many buildings have been either rebuilt or repainted so the city no longer looks like an extreme shithole like it was back in 2001. During the drive along the outskirts of the city, along the Mekong River, surprisingly there were no more berungs riding on their hired moto's to the red-zone, as officials had finally cracked down on this area.

Upon arrival my little cousins greeted me with excitement, and surprisingly they remembered me. Unfortunately the same could not be said for my grandmother, who is getting extremely old and frail now, with extremely poor eye sight, and continual health problems. During my short stay, I distributed some of the items I had brought back from Australia and was thanked with huge grins and smiles.

We left Phnom Penh at 3:00 for a two hour drive to Kampong Cham (my dad's home province). The main road to Kampong Cham has suffered from wear and tear, due to the heavy usage by both cars and heavy loaded trucks. We arrived at exactly 5:00 and quickly said hi to a few family members near the Japanese friendship Bridge (Speak Kizuna), and jetted off to my grandmothers house which was another 5 minutes down into the countryside.

Whilst travelling through the city and Kampong Cham, I was spotted a mile away. Everyone pretty much stopped what they were doing for at least a minute or two and just stared. Either at the fact that I was a foreigner being dinkied by a female local, or that fact that I am huge compared to them, heh heh heh.

For now goodbye and goodnight and I will keep everyone posted upon my travels to ancient ruins, and schools and such.


Monday, November 21, 2005


Hours before my flight schedule, I was trully excited and ecstatic that the day has finally arrived... I was finally jumping on a plane to escape reality. However as I was checking into the Airport and waiting for boarding, it suddenly felt weird that I was going away by myself and leaving my family and friends back home in Australia, the excitement just sort of died.

As I took my first step outside the plane, I expected a dense humid gust to overwelm me, like my previous trips to Cambodia, but instead I was greeted with a surprisingly fairly cool, semi warm breeze. The airport experience is like no other in the world, Airport officials continually keeps and eye out for Khmers living abroad, and target them like its a matter of life and death. They'll come up to you and ask if your Khmer and then once you say yes they'll be straight forward and ask for your passport, so they can assist you and scam $5US from you. However I was able to escape this fiasco and played dumb most of the way being quiet and just walking to the counter and nodding. So I was lucky this time around and got away scott free. The experience was yet again compromised with more frustration and waiting, as the officials at the customs counter were obviously not familiar with their new computer system.

The drive to my uncles house was an absolute bitch, with cars weaving in and out causing a major traffic jam. For the rest of the day I just had a quiet night to recover from the plane trip as I didn't any sleep on the plane. There isn't much else to write for my first day, I e-mailed a few of you guys when I arrived in Singapore, but I guess I will keep everyone posted in the near future. Hope everyones having a well deserved break, as I know I will be making the most of this trip and will try to travel around as much as I can. So for now Bye and Goodnight.


P.S. Damn the cold shower was a struggle, as it's my first cold shower in 3 years haha.... ahaha

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Last Day, Last Hot Shower, Last Chicken

Official Countdown [1 Day]

Wow has it been that long? Back in August I continued my countdown and kept it quiet, I constantly got msgs and questioned on what my countdown was leading to, and I would just respond with either holiday in general or finish exam period. The day has finally come, after waiting, waiting and more waiting the countdown has finally paid off. The checklist of things to do before I leave is almost complete, with the final one being have dinner with "The Boys". All my bags are pretty much packed and ready to be thrown on the plane.

Tomorrow morning I will enjoy my last hot shower, and a piece of scrumptious chicken. With all these bird flu outbreaks and people's paranoia, I have decided to lay off chicken and poultry whilst I'm overseas... Just in case. The hot showers I can leave without, but chicken arghhhhhhhhhhhh. The weather tends to get so humid over there, that once you take a cold shower, as soon as you dry off you start sweating again before you even put your clothes back on heh heh heh.

Well this post is coming to an end, because there's only so much to talk about Packing and preparing, isn't it exciting? But I wish everyone the best of there holiday and a Merry Christmas in advance. I will be back in Australia on the 25th, but everyone will most likely be having family Christmas gatherings or whatever. So yeh bye for now and will keep everyone posted on my blog.


Friday, November 18, 2005


25-Year old Van Nguyen will be sent to the gallows in exactly 2 weeks, despite continual battle and pleads by family and friends, the Australian Government and the general public.

Some may say Van deserves what his getting, as he totally knew the consequences of smuggling any kind of drugs throughout asia. At first I thought the same, if you know what you're getting into and you manage to get caught, you should be dealt the full blow. However after continual reflection and thought, I have come to the conclusion that no one deserves to die, especially at such a young age.

Out here in the west, murders, rapers, serial killers, stalkers, organised crime members and ring leaders are causing much more havoc and danger in society and all they get is a smack on the back and a few years in jail.

Like I said before, there is absolutely no justice in this world, as people are getting executed for petty crime, whilst serial killers, murders and so fourth are just getting thrown in jail for a few years.

A hard lesson in life is if you or someone has money problems, you should NOT go digging in for trouble and problems, as you may be gambling with your life, friends and family. Do the right thing go get an education or go get a steady job. In this day and age the educated will always succeed and do well in the long term. With these quick money schemes the amount may seem a lot in the short term, but where exactly is it going to get you in a few years time or 20 years time?


Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Final Countdown

Official Countdown [10 Days]

Well it's finally the "FINAL COUNTDOWN" only 10 more days till I fly... fly away. Man these last few day's have gone by so slowly, now I have absolutely nothing to occupy my time with so all I do is sit here and countdown the hours. Whereas before with exams I would only count down the days.

I don't really have much to say in this entry, but a simple message to all those sick fuck's in the world searching in search engines for "illegal sex, illegal sex images, illegal girls, underage girls, Yum-yum" and so fourth. go and take a look in the mirror at yourself and ask yourself what the fuck are you doing.

The reason why I know this is because my current Stat counter provides statistics of where people has foung my blog link from and such. Having been linked to my article via multiple search engines "Loss of Innocence" many sick minded mother fuckers have been roaming the net for details on the illegal sex trade. Usually one wouldn't just search such vague terms if they were trully doing a research. However searching such terms as stated above obviously refers to their own desirable needs and pleasures.

Well anyways I'm going to boot, and I'll post my final entry before I leave for Cambodia on either the 19th or 20th of November. For the time being please enjoy my almost complete photo album at


Friday, November 04, 2005

Welcome! People of the World

Official Countdown [16 Days]

First off, I would like to send out a warm welcome all the blog readers from around the world. Thus far I've had an audience of readers from Canada, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, UK, Sweden, Cambodia, Croatia, Belgium, Qatar, Brazil, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and of course the people from the land down under, Australia. I hope everyone enjoys their stay and I hope everyone looks forwarding to reading about my travels in Cambodia in November 2005.

Well, it's that time of the year again, when you're absolutely relieved that exams are finally over and out of the way. As I walked into my final exam today, I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous and scared that I would fail yet another exam, and excited that it's my last blardy day... heh heh heh plus the bonus that it'll only be 2 weeks till I fly, fly away.

Chow and I studied long into the night, and had only took a so called "powernap" at 4:30am and to wake up at the sound of 10 alarm bells ringing off our mobile phones at 5:30, 5:45, 5:50... intervals. We got up and I did my last minute study, which I must say actually paid off this time, while Chow just immediately dozed off on the matress.

Well now that exams are over my mind is pretty much set on my trip overseas and nothing else. As I believe I deserve this break from everything in my life and also to visit immediate family. My grandparents are all currently very fragile and ill, heading into the extreme ages. With that said I would hope to visit them at least many more times, as I haven't had the luxury of having family in and about here in Australia.

With all that said, and as promised in my previous post that I would post a blog after my exams, I better get some shut-eyes now as I've been dozing off so often due to the lack of sleep.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Jus do it Again" (Tiddy, 1:56pm 26-Oct-2005)

[Official Countdown: 24 Days]

"i noe you'll do well smarty pants. n if u dont, jus do it again hehe" (Tiddy, 2005)
About half an hour before my first exam, I received a text message from Tiddy, wishing me goodluck and all that. In addition to the goodluck she added "n if u dont, jus do it again hehe" and i was thinking to myself 'Oh jeez, thanks hehehe..'. With the encouragement of 'doing it again' the following year, made me jump up in joy (um yeh... hmmmm... woopi). Well as you can gather, I didn't do all too well in the exam today, and yeah not too happy about it.

Even if I was wished goodluck by every single person in this world, I don't think it would of done any good. Bugger. Well 1 exam down and now YAY another 3 whopping more to go, can't wait :S.

So dodgy the lecturers, the past four exam papers has used questions from the previous year and all of a sudden this year the whole exam paper was changed with all these new questions. Arghhhh didn't study enough for these topics... This has happened so many times throughout my course, that it's getting extremely frustrating, a few semesters back there was a exam paper that used to be all multiple choice, definitions and short answer questions and coincidently the year that I did the subject, the exam structure was changed to 5 essay questions!!!!!

Anyhow I wish everyone goodluck on their exams over the next week or two, and hopefully we can all catch up at least once or a few times before I head overseas. God damn I'm tired, was up till 6am.

- allan -

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Final Month - The Final Straw

Official Countdown: [31 DAYS]

Over the last few weeks, time has flown by, 100 days turning into 80, then 50, 40, and finally as of today, reaching the 'FINAL month'. The thought of going overseas is an extremely overwelming feeling. With the combination of excitement and the continual warm weather here in Melbourne Australia, it has made me become lazy and distracted from my studies.

First exam is exactly 1 weeks time, and typical me, I have barely started studying. All my exams are cluttered together on the 27th October, 1st, 2nd and finally 4th of November. I'm sort of getting a bit stressed out and worried as I have finally managed to meet up with one of the Course-advisors and I have been informed that in order for me to finish within one semester in 2006, I will need to PASS all my subjects this semester with a C average, otherwise I will have to do the lengthy one year subject rather than the shortened one semester subject. "Study, Study, Study, Study, Study..." (Golden Boy)

Following the end of my exams on the 4th of November, I will have an exact 2 weeks to pack my bags and get ready to jump on a plane to Cambodia. During my stay in Cambodia I hope to do a lot more site seeing of places I haven't already been and to possibly re-visit a few of the places, in order to relive the moment. On my way back to Australia I will be dropping off in Singapore and will be touring as a lonely tourist in a foreign land.

If anyone would like anything from Cambodia, Singapore or Duty Free just give me a holla. However there are no gauranties of finding your wishlish in Singapore, as I will be travelling alone, for a very short period of time.Primarily this blog is for the sole purpose of uploading my Journal of my travels around Cambodia and to communicate with friend's and family back here in Australia. I will try to update this blog on a frequent basis, in order to keep you guys and gals informed and up to date on my holiday. All comments and greetings are welcomed and appreciated. I will be uploading a small amount of photo's for each blog entry I post, and once I return I will upload the whole photoalbum to

On a side note... after being kicked in the arse and taken advantaged of (MULTIPLE TIMES), I have come to realise who my true friends are, as they have been here to help out and assist me however much they can. As Tuan asked "How could someone do that? and Why would someone do that?", has been left unanswered as we will never know why these kind of Jackass' would risk losing years of friendship, loyalty and trust. As Chow would say "When will your learn, Allan?" and "Where's my Playstation!?"

So for the time being goodluck to all those with exams, as I for one will need it big time. And I will keep you guys posted after my exams, on the date and time I will be leaving.

- Allan -

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Lesson's in Life Part 6 - Even Friend's Fuck You Over!

Unfortunately not everything in life goes your way, whilst being such a nice guy, all i get back in return is a kick in the arse as a thank you. With this I am extremely happy that i booked a flight out of Australia for the end of the year. This trip has been arrange with perfect timing in order to get away from all the troubles and problems that are here, in reality.

As I have learnt the difficult way, you can not trust anyone and I mean anyone, not even your friends. I won't get into any details as I feel I don't need to disclose such details, however a simple lesson to be learnt is that, a person may be all nice and polite to you on the outside but as soon as you get all nice back with them they will kick you up your behind. Be cautious with who you associate with, and who you trust and do favors for, because in the end they are just another stranger who may be out to get you. You can never know a person's true intentions, even if you have been friends with them for many years

The countdown started 100 days back, on August 15th, and surprisingly time has literally flown by, the countdown is now at 43. I will be heading to Cambodia for the third time this year and will be stopping off in Singapore on my way back. During this trip I hope to experience something different and in order to experience this I hope to tackle a few of these points.

- Work the fields (try to, don't know if I would be able to handle the weather hah)
- ride a buffalo
- climb a palm tree
- explore the area of Tuk Chaa in Kampong Cham province, where the remnants of 554 ancient ruins remains (well whatevers left of it, after the American carpet bombing during the early 70's)
- visit rural schools and donate excercise books, pens and pencils to less fortunate kids/students
- trace my family roots as much as I can
- possibly try to visit a few orphanages
- ride an ox-cart hehe
- watch a Cambodian kickboxing "Kun Khmer Borann"
- explore cave temples in Kampot
- watch a traditional and classical performance of Khmer Royal Ballet/dance/shadow puppet theatre
- locate and jot as many GPS coordinates I can of the off-the-track ruins in and around Cambodia's countryside

Anyways during my trip, I plan to write a journal entry of my stay and will hopefully either upload the journal whilst I am there or when I get back. The photo albums will be made available once I get back as I plan to take many photo's just like my previous trips.

- Allan -

Monday, June 14, 2004

"Loss of Innocence"

Young Khmer & Vietnamese Girls are regularly forced into the illegal sex trade in SE-Asia. Posted by Hello

As you drive towards the dusty town of Svay Pak or K-11 (for its distance 11km from the city), the red-light district on the outskirts of Phnom Penh - Cambodia, you will see a continual influx of "berungs" along the way, on their hired moto's. The obvious purpose of their trips are to visit the brothel's within the area.

On the left, right outside the entrance to the village, there is a huge billboard, with a picture of a giant condom with the phrase "We Practice Safe Sex" in a multiple languages. As you turn left into the red light district, rows and rows of brothels are fronted with young girls, smiling and waving trying to gesture you in. The terms "Yum-Yum" will get you oral sex, while "Boom Boom" will lead to intercourse.

Svay-pak a small Vietnamese community, is mainly known for its abundancy of underaged and light skinned girls. A large proportion of these girls have been smuggled in from Vietnam, promised with great job opportunities, however as they arrive in Cambodia they are bound by yearly contracts with the pimp.

The first impression as you arrive in Svay Pak, are the abundancy of available girls who are eager to make that extra buck. What the brothel owners don't make public, is the fact that there are also a wide selection of underage children available for foreigners and local pedaphiles alike, as young as four or five.

In the west, young children smile and laugh about the most innocent things, whereas here in Cambodia they are suffering and being forced into the sex-trade, where they have 'loss their innocence,' bearing pain and humiliation. Instead of playing with toys and learning their ABC's and 123's, children here are the actual toys for firty old pedophiles.

Most prostitutes come from poor families in Cambodia's country-side or smuggled in from neighboring Vietnam. Parents of the girls, are misled into thinking that their daughters will have a better life and more job opportunies in the city. However as soon as the pimp offer an amount of money to the parents as an incentive for letting go of their daighter, the girls are forced into the sex trade and are bound by yearly contracts in order to pay their debts.

Virgins that have been smuggled in from Vietnam are considered delicacies and therefore are an expensive addition for any brothel owner, usually costing them $350-450, with non-virgins they are usually bought for half the price. A "berung" who wants the complete package, minus the disease pays up to $300 per session with a virgin. Once the girls are considered 'used-goods, or second hand products' their value drops dramatically, to as low as a $3-4 per sexual transaction. Some brothel owners will go to great lengths to provide virgin look-alikes, in order to do so, brothel owners gets non-virgins stitched up. To prevent their escape, some brothel owners lock the girls up in small tiny cages, where they are treated worse than animals.

Everyday more and more children from Cambodia and Vietnam are forced into the inhumane sex-trade of South East Asia. Why are there so many sick freaks in this unjust world? Can you imagine your own children as young as 5 being raped and forced to do things that are morally wrong? Can you imagine young innocent children who are supposed to be learning their ABC's and 123's, being used as sex-slaves and forced to do things kids in the west have no knowledge of? "It is a sin against humanity, and it is a horrendous crime.

"It just hurts to know that my many young little cousins live nearby the brothels in this area. It makes me uncomfortable to think they are raised up in such a community, and have to witness the continual influx of "berungs" going there for one thing. It just scares me, to think that they 'could' possibly get involved if made to, or threatened to by the neighbouring people of the area, (pimps and brothel owners). Let's just hope for the best

- Allan -

"Lil Shits"

Lil Shits Posted by Hello

Why is society these days full of lil cocky shits, who think they are all that?
Who the fark do they think they are? honestly!

Whats society coming to these days? With these lil teeny boppers thinking they are all hardcore gangsta and causing trouble in society.

Especially LD, like what the fark?

To think these lil shits try to cause trouble all the time, especially when it's over nothing... and then it just leads to big things which results into a farked up society and world.

Why would you wana fark up ur life? and especially your future over something so little or something that was nothing to begin with?


You don't want to grow up, having scars here and there and a track record of your misendevours as a teen, especially when it involves chopping, drugs, murders and shit, as this will fark up your opportunities in living a straight life in the future. It may not fark up permanent opportunities but it will delay the opportunities and these opportunities will be harder to come by!

Study hard and play hard... as your future depends on it, your future doesnt depend on how hard of a gangsta you are, but of your knowledge of the world, maths, science and everything around us. To do well in this world in this day and age, you need to succeed in your studies.

Its not like as if when you've got grandchildren that ur guna be bragging to ur grandkids about the days you were running around chopping left, right and centre!!!! So think before you act, otherwise u will regret life when its too late

and you know who you are......... (and The hIdden naMe is within)


"Laziness "

Laziness is an Incurable Disease, the Government needs to start putting Tax-payers money in for research. Why is this contegeous disease effecting us?